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Today’s Specials

Half off Glasses of Wine

Homemade Soups: Cream of Mushroom & Roasted Tomato Garlic

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Here at Lemon Tree Grocer,

we do more than your standard local market. To us, picking up this week’s meals can be a relaxing social outing.

We invite you to enjoy the morning paper at our café with fresh brewed Intelligentsia coffee and friends. See what we’re all about.

Lemon Tree Grocer offers the highest quality produce, wine, sushi, meats and cheeses. Shopping here is an adventure, not a chore. You can try our sushi made in house, explore extensive artisan cheese selections, or sample from the barista serving Intelligentsia coffee and espresso. We’re passionate about good food and have a tremendously skilled staff. We encourage you to approach our butcher, chef-owner, cheese monger, or wine director with any question. We can help you find fresh, locally sourced food, accommodate gluten free diets, or make your event unique with gourmet catering. To fully experience the Lemon Tree Grocer, just come on over.

Lemon Tree Grocer ClubsLemon Tree Grocer Coffee ClubLemon Tree Grocer Wine Club

When you want to join, simply click on the club, print out the form, fill it out & visit our cashier so we can start your rewards.

Lemon Tree Grocer Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets start at $20. Choose one of our pre-made baskets or come in and we’ll help you create one! Baskets can be made to fit any occasion or dietary restriction.

Gourmet Catering Available

Catering at Lemon Tree Grocer offers a wide variety of services and price ranges. From small dinner parties to large corporate lunches, we can tailor a menu to meet your needs. Read more »