10% Off “Happy to Be Alive” Discount!

So, we no longer have to hear “It’s the end of the world” in song or hopefully through the media, Facebook, our friends/family! Yay, we survived! In ode to that- we here at Lemon Tree Grocer want to give you something special.

It’s called the “Happy to Be Alive” discount, and it means you get 10% off ¬†everything in Lemon Tree Grocer or Zest Bistro until Christmas Eve! (Not valid with other offers or specials) That’s a perk right?

You always need some last minute groceries, wine, cheese, beer…whatever your heart desires to complete that Christmas list! We also have great gift ideas with our holiday gift baskets, desserts, and more.

Hurry up, and get in here to take advantage of our “Happy to Be Alive” discount, and of course we want everyone to have a happy and safe holiday!

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