$2 Cupcakes ALL Weekend!

Chocolate Cupcakes (1)


Did you read the headline? There’s not really too much to expound on except for the delectable flavors we have for your $2 mouthwatering cupcake fetish!

We have red velvet, chocolate, carrot cake, coconut, and boston creme cupcakes for you to stuff your face with ALL weekend for…that’s right: $2!

Have you had our cupcakes before? Then you should know they are absolutely delicious, and now that they’re $2 you must get some for your signifcant other to be nice, that neighbor you may have upset (or plan on upsetting with your loud bbq’s this summer, and your’s or a friend’s children (we all know kids love sugar & eating keeps them busy). See you this weekend! $2 Holla!

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