30% off ALL Organic Produce at Lemon Tree Grocer!

So, you know eating healthy is what ‘we Americans’ are trying to do these days. Getting your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is a MINIMUM! That’s right- you need AT LEAST 5 servings, and then we’re happy campers!

What better way to stock up than hit Lemon Tree Grocer’s 30% off Organic Produce Sale? (You knew this was going somewhere huh)? Not only can you get your 5 servings, but also ORGANIC. Let’s be honest- organic is the cream of the crop (no pun intended), and why not pay less for it?

The sale ends Monday, October 24th- so you better hurry in and get all the produce before it’s ALL GONE. Just kidding, but it always tastes better when it costs less. Also, you know that saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Try an apple, orange, 1 serving of spinach, tomato, green beans, asparagus..you get the hint.

See you this weekend! PS- When you stop in, don’t forget to guess the weight of the Giant Produce in the front of the store! That’s all 😉



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