50% off ALL Produce!

Lemon Tree Grocer

Lemon Tree Grocer

How much do you spend per month on groceries? Now, how much do you pay for your produce alone? Would you like to save money on your produce (of course you would)? We have answered your wish!!! Mark the date in your calendar: Monday, February 17th is 50% of ALL produce at Lemon Tree Grocer (including organics)!

Make your list now, and find some new recipes that you’ve been dying to make (this way if you mess it up, you only paid half the price for your produce). Also, if you haven’t gone the organic route yet there’s no better time to dive in and taste the freshness! 

So, when are you going shopping for 50% off produce fans? That’s right: February 17th. We hope to see you at Lemon Tree Grocer!



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