Borrowed Earth Cafe is our Neighborhood Business of the Month!

Let’s get really excited over here for our Neighborhood Business of the Month: Borrowed Earth Cafe! They are an organic, raw, and 99% gluten free cafe that all you health nuts will drool over! No, seriously if you’re vegan and find it difficult to shop- this is definitely a place you must see to believe.

The profound aspect about Borrowed Earth Cafe is their story. We’ll give you a few details, but you should really click on the link to learn more. Trying raw for just a cleanse, they felt great enough to actually continue on the raw road until…well they officially were eating raw for a year. They started by going to a raw potluck, then hosted the potclucks that exponentially started to grow! Now, Borrowed Earth Cafe exists because of such an interest in eating raw foods. The story is really much more touching than we have time to tell, so please check it out!

They also wrote the book “Borrowed Earth Cafe” that you should probably scope out if you have ever considered going raw, vegan, or already are. You also should check out their menu while you’re at it. They have everything from perogis to kale salads, earth burgers to truffles for dessert!

Stop by Borrowed Earth Cafe, say hi, and don’t forget to become a fan as well!

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