Boxcar Comedy Invades Lemon Tree Grocer!

Boxcar Comedy ShowYou may think; Comedy show at a grocery store-really? Well, stop thinking and start laughing because this show will not be a lemon..that was funny? Right?

Anyway, Boxcar Comedy will be landing at Lemon Tree Grocer soon, and you still have a chance to win some tickets by clicking on this link: Win Free Tickets! The winner will be chosen at 9pm tonight & announced tomorrow in the am through Boxcar Comedy, so get on it!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock; this will be Lemon Tree Grocer’s first comedy show ever, and we hope they’re funny enough to bring back- so let’s at least support Boxcar Comedy– until they give us reason to start heckling (PS any produce you attempt to throw, must be pre-purchased, and cleaned up by you afterwards)

So, click on Boxcar Comedy or Lemon Tree Grocer for all the details of the fabulous comedy show that will be landing in Downers Grove..See you soon!

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