Fabulous Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Veruca Chocolates


Have you decided what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day yet? Well, you better get on it since you have less than a week before the big day! We have a few ideas in case you’re at a loss (don’t worry we’re here to help)!

Veruca chocolates  (shown above) are a way to melt your Valentine’s heart, Oberweis Ice Cream along with strawberries and Ghirardelli Chocolates to make hand made chocolate covered strawberries is more than a splendid gesture.

We have Laurie’s cupcakes in the house, cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake, and Vosges -Haut Chocolat! Don’t forget about the main course though: we have all the fixings to make that special someone a home-made meal!

Get here ASAP so we can help you choose the perfect way to treat your honey this Valentine’s Day! (Otherwise, you may not have to worry about it next year…yeah we said it)!


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