Fresh Sushi at Lemon Tree Grocer!

Lemon Tree Grocer Sushi


Hey fans, we hope your holiday was filled with tons of cheer, and we’re here to bring you more (in sushi form). Have you had Lemon Tree Grocer/Zest’s sushi yet? Well, you may ask around (or we can just tell you): it’s absolutely yummy!

If you would like a nice alternate from the comfort food we’ve all been indulging for the holidays, our sushi menu is exactly what your taste buds ordered. If you click the picture above, you will find out how you may grab sushi to take home to your loved ones, or come in to enjoy a fabulous night out!

Our sushi is the talk of the town! Don’t take our word for it though; come put your taste buds to the test, and have us roll you up something delectable!

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