Girls Goin’ Green Comes to Lemon Tree Grocer & Zest!

Would you like to taste some amazing new libations, sample made-to-order sushi rolls, and have a girls night out? Well, then you better get to Zest on March 15th!

We have a special made sushi roll for the evening (you just pictured breaking out the chopsticks in your head…we know), our cocktail menu makes it’s debut, and LIVE music means you get to throw your hands up in the air while lip syncing to each and every word with no judgement.

What else will Zest have you ask? How about FREE chocolate tastings? If you want to see the exclusive menu & plans for the evening click here! Ladies- it’s time to give yourselves a nice treat, and this night will knock your socks off (perhaps your shoes too;)!


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