Girl’s Night Out at Lemon Tree Grocer/Zest Bistro!

Oh yes it’s ladies night…you can keep singing the song out loud or in your head if you choose, but we’re moving on to tell you about Girls Night Out coming next Thursday, Sept. 27th hosted by yours truly….(yeah you guessed it) Lemon Tree Grocer!

Your lucky number on Thursday is #5! How do $5 Special Sushi Rolls, $5 Glasses of Chardonnay, and $5 Cosmos sound ladies? Oh, and don’t worry it starts at 5pm and goes all the way until 11pm!

You can come pop in after work, or make a night of it and hang with those special ladies you don’t get to see often enough! Either way it’s a great deal you should not pass up-especially for you ladies!!!

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