Happy Father’s Day!

Dads Poster


Say it with us: It’s Daddy Day on Sunday! So, what are you doing for your Father this year? Buying him a tie, how about something material that you think is cool, but he’ll never use, or you can bring him into Lemon Tree Grocer so he can eat, drink, and be Daddy!

Show your dad he’s the-bomb with 3 or more bombers (22oz & 750ml) 10% 0ff. Also, he can dunk his favorite Downers Grove Delegates, choose from delectable grilling items such as: Niman Ranch Pork Shops & Brats, or Linz Sliders, Hamburgers, Hotdogs and more!

What’s your choice of celebration this year for Father’s Day? We say you go with the Gold, and head on over to Lemon Tree Grocer (perhaps we’re biased, but we know what’s best). Happy Father’s Day!

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