Happy Mother’s Day- Come Have Brunch at Zest!

What have you done for your Mom lately? It doesn’t really matter how you answer- because now is your chance to win some brownie points! So, put in that extra effort and take her to a worthy brunch this year. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about…Mother’s Day Brunch at Zest Bistro! 

We’re really rolling out the red carpet for this day, and giving thanks to the lovely women that brought us into this world. Melons in prosciutto, short rib hash, couscous salad, cheese plates, and caramelized brussel sprouts are just a few of the items on the lovely menu!

Click here for the full menu, and call (630) 969-9869 to reserve your spot today. After all- it’s never too early to start planning for you Mother 😉

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