Happy Turkey Day, 35% off ALL produce, & more from Lemon Tree Grocer!

Today is the FINAL day to get those Turkey orders in, so unless you want to be birdless next Thursday, you better get- her-done. Also, our Australian Wine Dinner was a huge success, so thanks to all who came out, ate, and drank with us while enjoying a lovely Jazz Duet.

Don’t forget ALL produce is 35% off (even organics) until the 24th (aka Turkey Day), so you might want to take advantage of this. Plus, have you signed up for any of our clubs yet at Lemon Tree Grocer? We have a cheese club, beer club, wine club, coffee club, and rewards club. One of these has to be of interest to you, and (unlike grade school) you  can be part of as many as you’d like!

We thought it would  be nice to share some pictures of our Australian Wine Event above, so you can see what you missed. No worries, there will be beer & wine dinners in the future, so stay tuned for more!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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