Have you guessed the weight of the Pumpkin at Lemon Tree Grocer?

In case you haven’t passed by or stopped in lately- there’s kind of a large, gi-normousĀ  pumpkin lying in the front of our store. That’s right it’s that time of year again at Lemon Tree GrocerGuess the Weight of the Pumpkin.

It’s going to be an excellent weekend in the Chicago land area, so if you have a moment you should stop in, enjoy the patio, and gaze longingly at the pumpkin. (You never know it could gaze back).

If you guess correctly you can win $100 Gift Card to Lemon Tree Grocer! The contest ends on Halloween, and the winners will be announced in the November Newsletter.

So, who thinks they have the winning number? You will never know unless you try. (We strongly recommend not trying to lift the pumpkin) Enjoy your beautiful weekend everyone!

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