Healthy Grocery Ideas

ApplesBuying locally farm-sourced groceries will make your mealtimes tastier than ever. Avoid the ‘dirty dozen’ foods that can contain alarming amounts of pesticides, and stick to the organic versions. The dirty dozen are apples, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, hot peppers, imported nectarines, peaches, potatoes, strawberries, spinach and sweet peppers. Make sure you eat these foods in their most natural state. The best advice is to eat food that is in season, and this way you are serving up fresh, natural meals that youknow are good for your family. Superfood’s to consider serving include spinach, with its high nutrients and ability to fight disease, walnuts for Omega 3 and Vitamin E and honey for its antioxidant ingredient. Salmon contains excellent Omega 3 fatty acids, but should be ‘wild’. Oats are known to lower cholesterol whilst dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure.

Organic, local dairy produce is worth paying a little extra for. In 2011 the amount of organic milk products being sold rose by 14.5 per cent, as consumers learnt more about healthy eating. Organic milk can have a shelf life of two months compared to pasteurized milk’s one week or so, meaning that it could turn out to be more economical for consumers. Another reason to buy organic milk is that it is free from artificial hormones and antibiotics. Natural whey is also much better for us than processed whey for similar reasons and the fact is that we are able to absorb more nutrients from organic food meaning that we crave less food. By looking for whey that is 100% organic and natural, from grass fed dairy cows, consumers will avoid processed products that have no health benefits.

With understanding about the healthy benefits of eating natural food, come great recipe ideas and fantastic taste. Shop selectively, know who you are buying from and enjoy healthy farm sourced food at the dinner table.

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