Labor Day Weekend at Lemon Tree Grocer!

Who is ready for the 3 day weekend? (If you responded with a negative answer- that’s crazy) What is everyone going to be doing for the holiday? Either way, I know there will be food involved so, what’s better than some great sales at Lemon Tree?

Let’s start out with the most important part: Beer! You can get 10% off ALL Canned Craft Beer! Think about how much beer you will drink this weekend- don’t lie. Oh, and we all need to eat our fruits and vegetables, so how about 15% off ALL produce…even Organic!! You heard us right- it’s never a better time to eat your fruits & veggies!

Finally, we have your grilling items all set- you can just pick them up, head to your destination, and throw them on the grill! What’s better than that? That’s what we thought!

Hurry in, so you can get your grill on & start your weekend with a visit to Lemon Tree Grocer! Don’t forget our holiday hours either: they are listed here! See you soon!

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