Lagunitas Brewing Co. Beer Dinner at Zest!

The title alone should have gotten you excited! Lagunitas is bringing it’s renown brew to Zest for a spectacular 4-course dinner that our own Chef Tim Canning is specially preparing for each and every one of you (Well, those of you that end up getting tickets in time)!

So, what’s your favorite Lagunitas brew? Dog Town Pale Ale, IPA, A Lil Sumpin Sumpin Ale? These are a few selected for the cuisine of choice. If you don’t believe us- take a peek here!

The tickets are $35/person! What are you waiting for?┬áThis event will be sold out before you know it, and you won’t even have a Lagunitas to cry into! Call 630-969-YUMY, and get on the ball!

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