Stop by Lemon Tree Grocer for Halloween Fun this Weekend!

What are you planning on being for Halloween this year? Something scary, cooky, or funny? No matter what that costume may be- Lemon Tree Grocer has a lot going on this weekend you can take part in.

Have you even guessed the weight of the pumpkin yet (the clock is ticking and a $100 gift card could be yours)? What about painting the pumpkin October 30th? Remedy’s Dr. Chris and Dr. Nicole will discuss the importance of healthy eating with the kids, and then the paint brushes will get broken out.

Also, do you have something to bring to your Halloween party? We have Ryan’s craft beer selection to choose from, Tom’s selection of the greatest wines you’ve never heard of, and Yuriy’s favorite cheeses. You can even have your party catered courtesy of Chef Charles!

Don’t forget Zingerman’s will be here with their tasty candy for you to nibble on, and we have our big Steakhouse Dinner Saturday so you can get a good meal in before you eat all those sweets!

Whatever you decide we hope you stop by and show off your costume, and Happy Halloween!

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