Super Bowl Catering Menu at Lemon Tree Grocer!

¬†What are your plans for the Big Game this year? Are you going to throw a nice party with chips & dip, pizza, and brownies made into the shape of footballs? We’ll be sure to skip that party! Get it together, and get your head into the game!

Chef Charles and the Zest Bistro crew have worked hard to put a catering menu together in order to give you the most spectacular Super Bowl party yet. Your friends will be begging to get invited to your next party because they won’t want to miss out on the fabulous food that will be supplied.

So, what’s it going to be? If you don’t believe our menu is supreme take a peek here: Super Bowl Catering Menu. You can always order 20 frigid pizzas that will take 12 hours to deliver, and give everyone a stomach ache..or you can throw an adult party this year!

Chef Charles wants to cook for you, so we think you shouldn’t deny him. Also, don’t forget we need 48 hours in advance to get your Super Bowl Menu ready, and it’s a $50 minimum.

Go Team!

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