Tap into our Two Brother’s Beer Dinner at Lemon Tree Grocer…

How pumped are you about our Two Brother’s Beer Dinner? It’s approaching faster than you can imagine, and the menu is unbelievably delectable with some local beer pairings you won’t want to miss.

Beer Bud Ryan will start you off with  Ebel Weiss paired with grilled langostine tacos, then off to Domaine Dupage with your yummy New England clam chowdah. After that, we have the main courses (beer here) Cane & Abel & Hoppy Porter. (We’d mention the pairing, yet we think you should take a glance at the lovely menu above).

Finally, we have the finale (hehe) Imperial Stout that comes with dessert….who wants a biscotti? Don’t all raise your hands at once! RSVP to (630) 541-8310– it’s only $45 a person for all this goodness! Jump on this before you’re sad & beer-less…



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