Today Starts the Kickoff to Thanksgiving PreOrdering at Lemon Tree Grocer!

You may think it’s a bit early to be thinking of Turkey Day, since we haven’t yet hit the scary days of Halloween…but we want you to have as much time to prepare (and…well… we need some time ourselves too). So, this commences the Kickoff to Thanksgiving Ordering at Lemon Tree Grocer today! Woohoo!

Who truly enjoys running around last minute to find that recipe for sweet potatoes, or what if you forget the Turkey in the freezer (unfortunately it might be too big to defrost in the microwave). What if you just don’t want to make the stuffing or green been casserole this year? This is where Lemon Tree Grocer comes in- we have all your Thanksgiving needs!

You can stop in (while you’re here be sure to guess the weight of the pumpkin, for the winner gets $100 GC), call, or email us- all the information can be found here.

It starts today at Lemon Tree Grocer..Gobble Gobble everyone!



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