Trisaetum Pinot Noir Wine Dinner at Zest!

In case you didn’t get the memo; we here at Lemon Tree are quite the fans of wine. We’re sure you hardly believe that, but we’re here to confirm that it’s absolutely true! This coming week we have a special treat for everyone: an exclusive Pinot Noir Wine Dinner.

Beyond the fact that we’re holding a Pinot Noir Wine Dinner, Scott Nagle of the Trisaetum Collection will be here to educate while we taste. (If you haven’t heard of Trisaetum Wines; they’re kind of a big deal). Also, Chef Tim Canning is bringing out the big guns with his delectable food pairing he has prepared.

If you want to see more, take a peek at the menu here. You can also make reservations by calling (630) 969-9869. Do it now before your spot is taken!


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