Would you like to be a Winner at Lemon Tree Grocer?

First off- anyone who has EVER stopped in Lemon Tree Grocer is a winner in our book, especially to take the time to support your local businesses! (It’s Small Business Saturday, so start spending local if you haven’t heard the word yet). We just want to brief you on a few contests going on right now where you have the chance to WIN!

Every month we give our #1 fan a $10 Gift Card from Lemon Tree Grocer once they reach #1 status by the final day of the month…let the countdown begin! (Also, you can win every other month, yet not 2 months in a row just to be fair to everyone)

Have you heard about winning a FREE sandwich every week (excludes the lobster roll) if you get Lemon Tree Grocer to 3000 fans? Well, it’s happening, and you could be the lucky winner of a FREE sammy every week! Suggest your friends, family, mother’s uncle’s baby cousins become fans if they’re in the area- you’ll be fully rewarded!

Finally, we will be nominating a Neighborhood Business of the Month again soon here, so always keep in mind some fabulous businesses you think we should give a shout-out to. (Downers Grove first & foremost to support truly local)

Now, that you know how to WIN at Lemon Tree Grocer– let’s get started. FYI- any recent news, products, sales, contests will be posted on our Facebook & Twitter, another great reason to stay connected….Happy Holidays!

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